Wanna book me for a show?

I’m a charmingly awkward individual who sometimes has pink hair. My comedy stems from life experiences, strange observations, and a very dark, silly, and nerdy sense of humor. Sometimes I do the jokes I want to do (with the write audience I can make fun of Tchaikovsky and Phillip Glass with the best of them) but I have something for everyone. Want jokes about American history? Got it. Want jokes about vaginas? Totally got that. Clean material?  Yeah, I have it.

I can also be filthy and hella dark. I can’t help it, I just see the world the wrong way sometimes.

Contact me through either ComedyDurham.com or this site and tell me about your event. My first ever gig was for the Durham Fire Department, and that was my first year in. I think I can handle anything now.

Check out my videos and my shows and enjoy yourself.  🙂